Tell Greg Abbott: We Deserve to Know Where Dangerous Chemicals Are

Greg Abbott won’t tell us if explosive chemicals—like the kind involved in the fatal explosion last year in the town of West—are being stored in our neighborhoods, just blocks away from our schools and homes.

It’s now clear why Abbott ruled to block your access to the locations of these dangerous chemicals.

A few months after the explosion in West that killed 15 people, Greg Abbott received $25,000 from a new donor that owns at least one of these deadly stockpiles—Chase Koch, head of Koch Industries’ fertilizer division and the son of one of the billionaire Koch brothers. Since the explosion, the Kochs have given Abbott at least $75,000.

Greg Abbott is stuffing his campaign coffers with cash from the companies that make these chemicals—showing once again that he cares more about cozying up to insiders than keeping our kids safe.

Add your name to tell Greg Abbott that you’re sick of him fighting for insiders instead of hardworking Texans.

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